nothing remains



"any landscape is composed not only of what lies before our eyes but what lies within our heads."                                                                                                                                              D. W. Meinig.


I find this area of land, which is not far from my current home, an odd place. It has an industrial past that has been redesigned and re-labeled, concealed and layered with time and history, with only a few traces of its former use revealing themselves once in a while. As much as I am compelled to explore its unique geography, I find myself asking, ‘do I belong here?’. These photographs are an attempt to connect this area to the landscapes of my past and to question my identity within it.


The photographs suggest the presence of an absence, of something that has been before now only seen within the present and this project is therefore both a visual and a philosophical enquiry into the way my memory and identity function with regard to a sense of place. I am drawn toward photographing views that allow me to carefully select and examine the details in the scene, which in turn allows room for reflection and contemplation. Within the photographs the familiar and unfamiliar go hand in hand as I explore a sense of my belonging and a greater idea of ‘being-in-the-world’ (Heidegger). 


"So, nothing remains

Only the scar and it hurts like hell"

                                         Paul Draper.






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