Jakub Famulski, PhD.

Associate Professor


Trained as a molecular and cell biologist turned developmental neurobiologist with a life long passion for live cell imaging. Excited to share knowledge and train the next generation of researchers. 









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T: 859-218-3540 |  jakub.famulski@uky.edu


Brandi Bolton

Zebrafish facility Manager 2021-2024


Dr. Oliver Vocking 

postdoc/staff scientist: 2018-2023

        Current Position: Staff Scientist, Biology, University of Kentucky poc


Dr. Kristyn Van Der Meulen (PhD, Grad Student)

PhD graduate: 2015-2021

        Current Position: Forensic Scientist, KY state crime lab


Dr. Megan Weaver (PhD, Grad Student)

PhD graduate: 2015-2021

        Current Position: Scientist I, University of Kentucky chool


Dr. Warlen Piedade (PhD, Grad Student)

PhD graduate: 2016-2020

        Current Position: Postdoc, Harvard Medical School


Leopoldine Galopin (MSB, Grad Student)

MSB graduate: 2020-2022

        Current position: Lab technician, UKY


Nicholas Carrara (MS, Grad Student)

MSA graduate: 2016-2018

        Current Position: Scientist, Prolong Pharmaceuticals


Grace Jacobs

BIO199, 395 and 398 student (2019-2023)

        Current position: Cincinnati Med School


Justine Crowell

BIO395 student (2022)

        Current position: Senior at UK


Evelyn Turnbaugh

Fish Facility Manager: 2020-2021 

        Current Position: Grad School, Dartmouth College


Lucas Vieira Francisco

Fish Facility Manager: 2018-2020 

        Current Position: Research Associate, Harvard Children's


Nishita Meshram MSc.


        Current Position: PhD candidate, Ohio State


Paige Poffenberger

BSc Candidate, BIO395 student: Fall2018-Spring 2019

      Current Position: Med School


Amy Sessions

AgBiotech Candidate, BIO395 Spring 2018-Spring 2019


Darington Richardson.

BSc Biology, BIO395 student: Jan2015-Dec2015

        Current Position: OBGYN

Chase Noel

BSc Candidate, BIO395 student: Aug2015-Dec2015-D

       Current Position: Med Schoole


Corrine Howard

BSc Candidate, BIO395 student: Jan2015-May2015


Reed Gilbert

BSc Candidate, BIO395 student: Jan2016-Dec2017

        Current Position: Med School


Austin Taylor

BSc Candidate, BIO395 student Aug2016-Dec2017

        Current Position: Med School


SarahPPerkins  BSc

Fish Facility Manager

       Current Position: Technician UK healthcare


Sydney Veith

BSc Candidate, BIO395 student: Jan 2018-May2019

        Current Position: Veterinary School


Cassidy Pelphrey

BSc candidate, BIO395/398 student: Aug2018-Dec2019

‚Äč       Current Position: Genetic Counseling Program














Sejuti Naurin

Phd Candidate


Sejuti joined the lab in spring 2022 and is working on transcriptomic analysis of optic fissure fusion. Sejuti is collecting and analyzing single cell transcriptomes of retinal cells directly involved in optic fissure fusion with the hopes of identifying novel regulators of this complex developmental process.









Lab Alumni

Meet Patel

PhD Candidate


Meet joined the lab after completing the rotation program in Jan 2021 and is currently working on the role of cdhr1a during early retinal development. In particular, Meet is going to investigate the role of cdhr1a during early photoreceptor progenitor development and function.









Deep Patel

BSc candidate, BIO394 student


Deep joined the lab as a BIO395 student in the spring of 2022. Deep is working on characterizing the expression patterns of the tfap2 family of transcription factors and their function during ocular anterior segment development. 









Famulski Lab zebrafish retinal development

Maya Owens

MS candidate


Maya joined the lab in the fall of 2022 and is working on elucidating targets of the E3 ubiquitin ligase SIAH1 which are associated with ocular development. She aims to subsequently assess the functional role of their targeting by the Ubiquitin Proteasome System.









Carter Ahlfeld

BSc candidate, BIO395 student


Carter joined the lab in the fall of 2023 and is working with Meet on examining mertka and tyro3 activity in zebrafish RPE cells. Carter will be working with CRISPR knockouts of both genes and examine effects on RPE biology and retinal homeostasis. 









Hannah Greenwell

AgBiotech candidate, BIO395 student


Hannah joined the lab in the fall of 2023 and is working with Dr. Vocking on examining several mutant lines established from our recent anterior segment development study. Hannah will track the anterior segment mesenchyme cells in early development and ultimately analyze effects on the physiology of the developed anterior segment.