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January 2023


New lab publication:

Oliver Vöcking*, K. Van Der Meulen#, M.K. Patel, J.K. Famulski*. Zebrafish anterior segment mesenchyme progenitors are defined by function of tfap2a but not sox10Differentiation, Volume 130, 2023, Pages 32-42,


​Congrats to Drs Vocking and Van Der Meulen on completing this study of early POM progenitor cells and how they contribute to the formation of the anterior segment. This study was part of a special collection for the journal of Differentiation.


March 2023


Congratulations to Deep for being selected to present his project at the Annual Posters in the (KY) Capital!


Congratulations to Deep for being selected for an oral presentation an the 2023 NCUR conference!


New collaboration publication with Dr. Sheppard (UK Health):

Sheppard MB, Smith JD, Bergmann LL, Famulski JK. Novel SMAD3 variant identified in a patient with familial aortopathy modeled using a zebrafish embryo assay. Front Cardiovasc Med. 2023 Feb 28;10:1103784. doi: 10.3389/fcvm.2023.1103784. eCollection 2023.PMID: 36926042


This project was a collaboration between the Famulski and Sheppard labs, where our lab tested the functionality of SMAD3 mutations identified in patients suffering from aortopathy in the zebrafish embryo. It was a proof of principle study to showcase the potential to examine mutations classified as variants of unknown significance as well as to develop personalized medicine protocols for treatment. We are excited to continue this collaboration going forward.



April 2023


Another new lab publication:

Vöcking O, Famulski JK. A temporal single cell transcriptome atlas of zebrafish anterior segment development. Sci Rep. 2023 Apr 6;13(1):5656. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-32212-4.PMID: 37024546


This work is the culmination of several years worth of effort by Dr. Vocking in establishing a robust workflow to analyze developmental changes in anterior segment mesenchyme cells throughout early development. It is a testament of Dr. Vocking's dedication and ingenuity and serves as a vast resource for analysis of the pathways regulating anterior segment specification and development.



​Congratulations to Meet for passing his PhD qualification exam!!!



Congratulations to Deep for receiving the Department of Biology Summer Research Fellowship for 2023!


Congrats to Meet for being selected for an oral presentation at the Keystone Conference: UNDERSTANDING DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS IN THE GENOMIC AGE. Congrats Meet!
































Famulski Lab zebrafish retinal development

Lab   Summer   2022


June 2023


New Lab publication:

Vöcking O, Famulski JK. Single cell transcriptome analyses of the developing zebrafish eye - perspectives and applications. Front Cell Dev Biol. 2023 Jun 29;11:1213382. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2023.1213382. eCollection 2023.


This work summarizes recent advances in the use of scRNA technology to examine developmental processes associated with the zebrafish retina and the ocular anterior segment. We summarize and highlight the benefits of the zebrafish model system and its unique benefits including the opportunity to examine multiple developmental time points in close temporal proximity to fully maximize your analysis potential.



2023 Summer Students


Andrew and Serena joined the lab for the summer and did a wonderful job working on photoreceptor development and anterior segment formation respectively. Great job!


July 2023


FUNDED: NRPA pilot grant!

The lab was awarded the NRPA pilot grant to work on single cell transcritomic analysis of the optic fissure during zebrafish retinal morphogenesis.