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January 2022


-Sejuti Naurin MS, joins the lab to pursue her PhD.

  After completing her MS at Purdue, Sejuti has joined the lab to work on the optic fissure fusion project. She will be using single cell RNA sequencing approaches to map out the transcriptomic changes occurring during optic fissure fusion and characterize novel regulators of this dynamic process. WELCOME Sejuti!



-Deep and Grace Join the lab

   BIO395 students Deep Patel and Grace Jacobs officially join the lab. Deep is working on the tfap2 project where he is characterizing the expression and function of tfap2 orthologs a-e. Grace is working on characterizing the expression and ultimately UPS targeting of eye related predicted SIAH ubiquitinase targets.



Famulski Lab zebrafish retinal development

May 2022

-Midwest Zebrafish Meeting

Finally an IN PERSON meeting!!!






















-Deep and Grace are awarded summer SURF funding!!!





Lab   Summer   2022

Maame Dei joins the lab for the summer KY-IBRIN program

      -Maame worked with Oliver on characterizing new AS associated genes using  

      CRISPR KO lines.