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Megan   successfully  defends  her  PhD!


On January 15th Megan defended her dissertation. WAY to go Megan!  We are anxious to see what the future will hold for Dr. Weaver!

Kristyn   successfully  defends  her  PhD!


On April 12th Kristyn defended her dissertation. WAY to go Kristyn!  Kristyn is going to join the Kentucky Forensics laboratory as a scientist so we're very excited for her future career.

6th  lab  paper    published!


Piedade WP and Famulski JK. E3 ubiquitin ligase-mediated regulation of vertebrate ocular development; new insights into the function of SIAH enzymesBiochem Soc Trans. 2021 Feb 26;49(1):327-340. doi: 10.1042/BST20200613.




This review outlines the association of E3 ubiquitin ligase function associated with the development of the visual system, with a particular focus on our favorite E3 ligase SIAH.  We highlight our recent findings of SIAH regulation of both optic fissure fusion as well as our newly discovered regulation of photoreceptor development, in particular the function of a retinal specific catherine, CDHR1.

 Meet  and   Leo  join the   lab!


After completing their spring rotations, Meet Patel and Leopoldine Galopin have decided to pursue their PhD degrees in the Famulski lab, yey!


Meet will be following up on our work with Siah1 and Cdhr1a during photoreceptor development and homeostasis


‚ÄčLeo will be joining team POM, following up on our single cell transcriptomic data.



Brandi   Bolton   joins  the  lab!


Brandi recently completed her BSc and decided to join the Famulski lab as our new Fish Facility Manager. We are grateful for her dedication to our most important resources, our fish!


Welcome aboard Brandi!

Famulski Lab zebrafish retinal development