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Phantasm Psychic Research Presents


The Paranormal Enigma: Terrifying True Stories Of Encounters With The Unknown & The Unexplained!


Narrated By Dave Considine


Since The Beginning Of Recorded Time Man Has Feared The Unknown, Questioning What Lies Beyond Our Existence.


Ancient Caving Drawings Dating Back Thousands Of Years Have Been Found That Depict Spirits Of The Deceased, Strange Creatures And Symbols, But What Does It Mean? Find Out, As We Journey Back Into Our Mysterious and Sometimes Even Frightening Past.


Subjects Included In This Audio Book Series:

Strange Phenomena, Historic Hauntings, Demonic Infestation, Exorcism & Possession, Black Magic & The Occult, UFOs, Creature Encounters, Alien Abductions, Missing Time & Odd Disappearances, Human & Animal Mutilations... And Much More!


Approximate Run time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Language: English

Media Type: Audio Book


Release Date: TBA


(Autographed Copies Will Be Available)



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