Mobile Game Monetization: How to Earn Money From a Mobile Game?

The mobile app industry is on the rise. Many business owners are earning millions of dollars through their mobile apps. Among all app categories, mobile games seem to have the largest share in the overall revenue. Studies show that more than 80% of mobile app revenue comes from mobile games itself. Reason being, the app industry has tons of exciting games, which provide the same engagement level and graphical interface, all thanks to advanced technologies, like desktops.

However, the real question is how do these mobile games make money? While many game publishers put a price tag on their games, others simply pick one of the many monetization models to earn revenue. There is a wide range of monetization models, which can be integrated at the time of mobile game development India. It is imperative that you pick the right monetization model for your game which best suits your business requirements.

In-App Advertising
The advertisement is one of the widely used app monetization models for mobile games. There are many ad networks like AdMob and InMobi where you can register to display ads in your game. These ads display in different size ratios such as full-screen banners, pop-ups, video ads, native ads, etc.

You can also set a specific time frame after which every ad should display. However, the reason why many publishers avoid in-app advertisement is that these ads restrict the user from enjoying an uninterrupted gaming session.  

In-Game Purchases
You can also earn money by selling items within the game. Many leading games like Candy Crush and Frontfire have managed to make millions by selling items. Since players need specific items to complete a level, they’re most likely to buy items.

Premium Mobile Games
The premium model can also help you skyrocket the overall business. In this model, you don’t release the full package of the game and only share limited content with the user. The user can unlock the premium content by paying a specific amount. The premium model can easily be integrated by mobile game developers.

These are three of the commonly used monetization models for mobile games.