A Complete List of Technologies Dominating the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is evolving every year. The introduction of new technologies is giving the developers the power to build highly engaging and graphically enriched mobile games. The days of Mario and Contra are long gone and today’s gaming industry is focusing on building more realistic mobile games.


If you have an idea for a mobile game and are looking forward to developing a mobile game, it is important to familiarize yourself with technologies which are impacting the current gaming world. Of course, you can save your time by hiring a game development team and let the professionals handle everything, but it’s always a good practice to stay involved in the development process.


So, in this blog post, we’re going to scribble down a complete list of technologies which are dominating the gaming industry.


Gesture Control

We have already seen many mobile games which support gesture control. However, to take this technology one step ahead, developers have started to combine gesture control with virtual reality (VR) headsets. This way the players can enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.


Think of it like this, how perfect would it get if the player can use his own moves in a game like WWE or UFC. So, if you’re about to build a similar mobile game, make sure to inherit gesture control to offer exceptional gaming experience to the customers.


Facial Recognition

When it comes to playing multiplayer games, one always has to build a character. However, how appealing it would get if the players can create characters which look exactly like them. Facial recognition is more likely to become a trend by 2020.


Intel has already developed the 3D scanning camera, which scans player’s face using different points, to track emotions and facial expressions. Using this camera, mobile game developers can build games which allow players to create characters which resemble his own face and emotions.


Virtual Reality

Speaking of thrilling gaming experience, VR is going to rapidly grow and impact different gaming genres. As of now, owning a VR headset may not be pocket-friendly for everyone. However, with HTC, Google, and Samsung working on building affordable VR gear, we can expect virtual reality to impact the majority of mobile games in the coming years.


These are the three of the technologies which have the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. Implementing these technologies in your mobile game will help you build highly addictive mobile games with exceptional gameplay.