Benefits of Starting with HTML5 in Game Development


Although there are several ways to create an HTML5 game and a bit of material on the technical aspects of each. As you delve into this article, you will know a broad overview of HTML5 game process.


These questions must arise in your mind- where to begin with the game development process? How can HTML5 be better than native, and what to do when you are stuck, etc.


Here are the benefits of HTML5-


As most of you must already know the value of HTML5, but here is the reteriation on why should you be building an HTML5 game. In case you are only trying to target an iOS for the game, then write the game in Objective-C, the cons will outweigh the benefits in that case. However, building a game that is capable of working on different platforms, HTML5 is the way to go.




The reason for using HTML5 for game creation is because they will work on any modern device. Although you have to put some effort into how the game will work on screens sizes, input types. But it is the best alternative to entirely porting the game each and every time.


Moreover, you should have seen various games that don’t work on tablets and mobiles. This in most instances is a big mistake to make when developing your game.


Unique Distribution


Most of the HTML5 developed games are built in the same fashion as the Flash and native mobile games. To some extent, it may seem to make sense, but the real benefits are overlooked. The web platform adds too, as it is like an iOS developer were to build a game that doesn’t take advantage of how touch differs from a mouse.


What worked in the past previously, this kind of mindset isn’t fulfilling and stifles innovation. You should understand that the open web is all together is a different vehicle of games and innovation can only happen when you take risks and try to do something new.


HTML5 games give you incredible and a powerful hyperlink and can be easily distributed across both the mobile devices including the web. This technology is there to link to your game and do interesting things such as skip to different points in the game and also play real time against the friend.


Fast development process


In HTML5 game development there is no waiting for updates as well as debugging in real time and once the games are done you will be able to push out the update almost immediately.