Philip Fracassi


With art by Enckell Magnus


The Battle of Shiloh - one of the bloodiest of the Civil War - which is saying something. 
So - and this is true - there's this odd thing called Angel's Glow, that was making the wounds of the fallen soldiers glow bright green and miraculously heal.
The soldiers all believed it to be of divine nature, and it wasn't until about 15 years ago they found it is was a bioluminescent bacteria with healing properties.
SHILOH is a story about a bloody battle and how all the soldiers started glowing and healing and they all believed it to be a miracle from God.
SHILOH by Philip Fracassi is by far one of the most shocking, brilliantly written works of the horror and the fantastic which you will read.
Highly recommended for followers of Arthur Machen, Ambrose Bierce or Blackwood.
SHILOH is printed as a very large hardcover edition, with illustrated endpapers, cloth boards, full colour frontispiece page and other several illustrations.

A deluxe edition limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies.
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