Peter Malerba, Director of Logistics and Sergeant at Arms. 

Arpino (Peter) Malerba, has been involved in numerous non-profit, humanitarian, and mentoring efforts since the 1980’s. Today, “Malerba Electric” serves the Tri-State Area and his vast National Network and experience in establishing funding management is an invaluable asset to the Chamber. 

Rick Miranda, President and CEO

Rick Miranda has been in involved in Businesses in New York for over 30 years. He is a graduate of Pace University (specializing in Marketing and Information Technology). Rick founded a non-profit organization in Chelsea, back in 1975, named Chelsea Brotherhood in Action (services for youth and senior citizens) with the assistance of the local 10th Police Precinct.  Rick went on to teach “Business” at the New York Business School for over 12 years (1982-1991). 

Alexander Pas,Director of Veteran Affairs and Procurement

W. Alexander Pas is a life long resident of New York City.  Mr. Pas has worked in the government civil service and in the private sector.  His career started in the service of the United States Marine Corp in the Communications field. He owns and operates three business. His main business is as a NYS Licensed Realtor-Investor, involved in all aspects of Real Estate. 

2359 86th Street, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, New York 11214  718-714-7146 Email:

Jeff Nelson, General Legal Counsel

Jeff Nelson comes to the BHCC with an undergraduate degree in business/finance from the University of Delaware, and a law degree from the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in Manhattan.  Prior to starting law school he worked for several years as the Director of Business Development and Marketing for an architectural firm in Delaware.  While he has worked for a number of large law firms in matters relating to mortgage backed securities and regulatory investigations, he has recently started his own law practice to serve the needs of local individuals and small businesses.  Jeff is also a licensed real estate broker.

Juan Carlos Pocasangre, Vice-President

A native of Guatemala, Juan Carlos Pocasangre Martinez relocated to Brooklyn, New

York in 1988 where he has resided for the last 22 years. Juan Carlos has a Bachelors

Degree in Business, a Masters Degree in Business Administration MBA, and a Masters

Degree in Organizational Management. He is currently employed with Capital One Bank

as a Business Specialist primarily focusing on public relations, business networking, and

providing financial services within the community.


The Brooklyn (Kings County) Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) has been a trustworthy

partner in Brooklyn in helping the small business community in becoming successful business