2359 86th Street, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, New York 11214  718-714-7146 Email: Brooklynhcc@aol.com

The Brooklyn (Kings County) Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) has been a trustworthy

partner in Brooklyn in helping the small business community in becoming successful business


Mission Statement


To Foster Trade, Commerce, Prosperity and Community among the Brooklyn business owners.


To reform abuses involving business, professional or financial interest.


To secure and lobby for freedom from unjust or unlawful exactions. 


To diffuse accurate and reliable information as to the standing of merchants and other matters.


To stimulate, encourage and promote cooperation and friendly exchange among Hispanic businessmen and businesswomen.


To adjust and settle differences between it's members and others. To advance the civic, commercial and industrial interest of the Brooklyn Hispanic business owners.


To acquaint and inform the public as to its objectives in order to stimulate public sentiment to these ends by providing information and other civic, educational, commercial, industrial social and public features as will foster, encourage and stimulate these purposes.