an invocation / a chill down the spine


An intimate encounter, for a small clutch of people with the desire to make contact.


With palms open and fingers on the glass, we will invite into the room a presence from the other side.


Participants must have an open mind.


2013 Season: LaBoite Indie (QLD) in May 2013

Premiere season: 2012 Melbourne Fringe (VIC)


Co-created by NO SHOW (Mark Pritchard & Bridget Balodis) with Sophie Webb

Designer: Mattea Davies

Instrument Design: Matthias Schack-Arnott

Producer: Bek Berger

Image: Sarah Walker


This work premiered at the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Mark was mentored by Ian Pidd through Melbourne Fringe's Outside Eye program, and the project has been made part of their Tour Ready Initiative. In 2013 we were supported by LaBoite Theatre's Indie Program.


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"Bitingly humorous and brilliantly executed, the night given wholly to art, viewers involved in a frenzy of ritual reminiscence of celebrity fixation itself, The Séance is a triumph of theatre. Webb is a revelation, with skills in both comedy and pathos, to be marvelled at for years to come, and NO SHOW's team should be noted as pioneers of an intelligent new breed of theatre."

- Vivienne Mah,


“You HAVE to book because this is one of those shows that people will talk about and you’ll be thrilled to say, 'I was there'


The Seance combines performance, ritual, obsession, celebrity, fear and the unknown to create art: Brilliant and welcoming art that explores beyond the obvious, that laughs at itself, that rejects any idea of boring and finds strength in a plastic pony.

If you’re open to exploring the unknown: go.

If you’re scared: take a deep breath and go.

If you believe the dead are with us: go.

If you don’t believe: go."

- Anne-Marie Peard,



Image by Sarah Walker

This project was seeded with the support of Arnab Ahmed and David Kirkpatrick as part of the YAK residencies at Shopfront Theatre in 2010. Thanks also to Next Wave, Grigons & Orr Corner Store, and the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival.