A private adventure in a public space. A live action game where you're always the hero. A celebration of of that essential instrument of the modern era - the Telephone.


In the sanctuary of a private room, a phone rings. It's for you. Make your selection, choose an adventure, dial one - two - three - four - and let the game begin.


Co-created by Bridget Balodis & Mark Pritchard,

with Emma Hall and Matthew Whitty


Play-tested at Fresh Air, Federation Square (Feb 2013) and Next Wave Social, Northcote Town Hall (Feb 2013)


Drawing inspiration from film classics like Speed, The Maltese Falcon, Scream and Sleepless in Seattle, Outside Line is an immersive theatrical experience in an uncontrolled environment. Working with cinema tropes and game structures, players are plunged into fast-paced genre-hyped roleplays, with a mobile telephone as their only lifeline.


Formally, NO SHOW are focusing on the intimacy of technology, the performer-facilitator role, and finding ways of staging grand narratives in city spaces.


Thanks to Robert Reid and the Pop-Up Playground community for their support of this project.






"Great. Three actors, envelopes, a phone, some hidden props and a human management system - all put together for a quick seamless live single-player experience. So glad I did it"

                                                    Christy Dena -game maker