Cactusnet is an international technical cooperation network on cactus created in 1993 by the FAO and ICARDA. 


The FAO-ICARDA CACTUSNET is established on voluntary basis, and aims to :


-Collect and disseminate information on cactus production 


​-Facilitate the collection and utilization of germplasm.​​


​-Promote the ecological and social benefits of cactus pear.


​-Develop new food and carminic acid uses.


​-Work with national partners to improve technical capability.





Member Countries


Our Work

Through the Technical Cooperation Program (TCP)FAO-ICARDA has given technical assistance for improving the cactus cultivation and utilization in Argentina, Eritrea, Iran and Ethiopia. Cuba, Namibia, Mauritania and Pakistan have also expressed their interest of having the FAO-ICARDA/TCP support.


In one month we have had 1,136 page views from 10 different countries (United States, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom)

April 3rd,2015-May 3rd,2015.



The cactus pear congress will be hosted in Coquimbo, Chile 

on March 26th-30th, 2017.


More information will be provided soon. . .


FAO-ICARDA International Technical Cooperation Network on Cactus