BaxSPACE is a traveling annex art space in downtown Fullerton. Run by Stephan Baxter, an art dealer, artist's manager, collector, activist and official pain-in-the-ass, BaxSPACE serves the greater Orange County area as a tried-and-true OC art scene staple, as does Mr. Baxter himself.  "I'm still focused on creating an asshole-free Fullerton," he says.


"Baxter is the founder/organizer of the socially conscious fund-raising entity Art With an Agenda, which stages exhibitions built around a charitable cause, including marriage equality, homelessness, and one centered on the Kelly Thomas killing in 2012 that drew national attention. Such a public presence is the culmination of an unlikely transformation: The son of conservative Catholic parents, Baxter was a shy outsider growing up in Glasgow with bad skin and a wicked stutter. Slow disillusion with the church and the liberation of punk-rock music moved him in a different direction than the priesthood: the arts."

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"Recent Work by M. Bryan"



BaxSPACE at Max Blooms Art Gallery is proud to present the expressive and provocative work of M. Bryan in her debut show at Max Bloom's Art Gallery. This will be her 2nd year anniversary of her first art showing with curator Stephan (Bax) Baxter.

M. Bryan's art evokes the feeling of being intimately involved in a moment in time that needs to bear more than one witness. At this exhibit M. Bryan's art will have work that celebrates the female form, as well as contrasting pieces that illuminate issues of contemporary social justice.

M. Bryan's mixed media art captures glimpses of time which feel like her subjects' breath is caught in their chest. As though walking down the street and catching a stranger's eye, the focus of her work grabs on to your attention and pulls you into a shared moment. Her work shows passion, pain, growth and does so without apology. 

M. Bryan's art will be on display and available for purchase at Max Bloom's Art Gallery throughout the month of December.

Please RSVP and do not miss this opportunity to meet the artist and experience her work at a wonderful a new Fullerton gallery space. 

“Creativity takes Courage.

-Henri Matisse








Max Bloom´s Cafe Noir
220 N. Malden Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832




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