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Every Monday morning, millions of Spotify users wake up to a “Discover Weekly” playlist that’s been compiled based on the user’s previous musical preferences. This custom playlist is put together by artificial intelligence and it’s just one of the ways that artificial intelligence is being integrated into our daily lives.


Artificial intelligence helps us decide what to watch next on Netflix and it uses facial recognition to automatically suggest Facebook friends to tag in a photo you’ve posted. Amazon uses artificial intelligence to suggest products you may be interested in based on previous purchase history and browsing behavior. If you think that the AI revolution is still forthcoming, you’re mistaken; it’s already begun.


Customer service bots


Artificial intelligence is getting better at natural language processing. That means that people can ask increasingly complex questions of AI and still get an accurate answer. For instance, instead of asking what the current weather is, you can ask what it will be at a specific sporting event. The AI system can determine what is being asked, and search through the proper channels to find the answer. As AI becomes more advanced in this way, more businesses are going to turn to chatbots to resolve customer service issues and questions.


Customer behavior patterns


AI is already assisting us by suggesting songs, TV shows, movies, and product we may be interested. Businesses can especially benefit from AI that can look for patterns in customer behavior. For instance, banks are beginning to use AI to create loan default prediction models that are 99% accurate. That means banks are more able to turn down loan applicants that would probably fail to repay.


Smarter cyber-security


AI is also being used by businesses for cyber-security and protecting customer’s personal information. The latest cyber-security programs can use AI to track cyber risks and deploy alerts and defensive measures in real time.


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