Why Are Men Clueless About What They Want from Craigslist?


I don’t think it takes men any longer than women to decide if the other person is the “right one”. Some men, and some women however will continue to date “the not quite right one” for extended periods nevertheless. Why give up sexual access, a measure of companionship if “the right one” isn’t immediately on the horizon? Some might spend more time than they need to hoping “the not quite right one” will turn into “The right one”. This is a personality thing more than a gender thing.


HunnyB, if you keep hitting this brick wall, as Jeff puts it, again and again–I’d guess that you might just be someone who has spent more time than necessary trying to pound square pegs into round holes. Very frustrating.











” If he doesn’t know what he wants; he doesn’t want what he has” pretty simple. Men who want to be with you won’t make you wonder, wait where their heads, hearts are at, they will reveal themselves at their own pace if you allow. Your gut will usually tell you everything you need to know w/out confirmation from him. But if you need a decision now, then the answer is NO. And again, PEOPLE MAKE TIME FOR THE THINGS THEY WANT TO MAKE TIME FOR! If he’s not making time for you, he obviously does not consider you a priority, so at least you know where you stand. Keep having fun!


HunnyB, men are like wild horses, running through the prairie, free to do what they want (and shag who they want, which is big because to a man, good sex=variety). If a man isn’t ready to be in a relationship, there is nothing YOU can do to make him ready. However, if he IS ready to be in a relationship, there is nothing you can do to stop him. I think that a man’s “rediness” to be in a relationship has to do with his own little timing thing. Jeff, I loved your advice about thanking a man for saving her the time & showing her who he is! HunnyB, all you have to do is wait & watch, and a guy will show you EXACTLY who he is. But if you give off that whole desperation vibe that you want to hurry up & get married, have babies, whatever…ALL men will run.


I hate to be so blunt as I’ve been there before, but this sounds so jaded HunnyB. Believe me high standards are good but there has to be some level of acceptance to anyones quirks. We all have them,why not embrace the possibilities instead of brushing them aside and calling it over before you’ve had a chance investigate them.


Dears & Friend HunnyB! There’s a perfect movie which may REinvigorate some quests in Dateville. It’s the last movie of Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, which neither really liked–tsk*tsk! It IS a wonderful, wondrous testimony [sorta kinda, westernish] to the serendipity of indirectly getting2know and likingRnotliking people—with & w/o romance. Fondness for any Indirectness at another moment will be denied! The movie is titled “The Misfits”. Yesiree, Hunnyies: both life and love will be enhanced! There’s No guarantee that any particular “you2″ will share a handholding walk in the sunset but pleasures of sunset walks will be resurrected! Don’t wait for the next viewing via cable. Tally Ho—Blockbuster!


i have been in a relationship with a man for 6 months hes black and im white it was so good in the beginning now the past 2 months have been alot of insecurities on my part he doesnt call me texts me once in awhile he says he loves me not in love with me i have sacraficed alot in this relationship i dont understand him what he wants he is controlling as to when i can see him on his terms my husband died a year half ago this is the first relationship ive had and it is so painful its hard for me to let go and we work together he says im alot of work but yet im still there so confused