Download a mix archive of my track STARS (created in 2011), load it in to your DAW and start creating your own remix, or train your mixing skills with this mixpack.

You can download an archive containing all seperate tracks that where used during mixdown by clicking HERE


Download my mobile texture collection. It's a 212 image texture collection covering basic subjects like: Wood, Fabrics, Ground and Gravel, Leather, Metal, Stone & Concrete, Tiles.

These texture are all tileable and where created with my mobile phone and an android app called: "Texture Camera", which outputs really LOWRES (don't be too dissapointed I dind't write the app, of which I really like the idea, but needs to be executed better and more high res) tileable textures (more suited for game design, and as a starting out point when painting your own).


Download the entire organised RAR archive by clicking HERE
(The entire archive is about 215 MB)


RB Minikeys - FREE VST instrument

download by clicking (currently not available for download)

Free download of my First Screensaver. It's a lot of nature Photography from myself. 

Just give it a try! It's a wonderful way to have a look at my nature Photography


Download Nature Screensaver 1.0.1 By Raymon Brugman Stand Alone .EXE here

Download Nature Screensaver 1.0.1 By Raymon Brugman Windows Installer here

Free download of Bliss - A raw Piano improvisation presented in 96Khz Flac

Click the image to begin downloading the Track.

The Machine Dual Display Wallpaper  Multi Res
2048x768 @ Here
2560x720 @ Here
2560x1024 @ Here
3200x1200 @ Here
3840x1080 @ Here
3880x1440 @ Here


All BG's are banner free!
Raymon Brugman 2012

Download a Cartography and World Building recource pack with all HI RES rawfiles included a long with photoshop buildups. To download the entire 116 MB RAR archive click HERE


All these recources where created back in 2005, I don't really use or need them anymore, so perhaps these could help you out if you are into this sort of stuff.


Download my "Writer" software, which is a simple notepad / diary holder with the cool feature of being able to make your own templates and re-use them on a daily basis for formatting. Very handy for diaries and log keeping. It was created in visual studio as a programming exercise for myself.


You can download the software by clicking HERE