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My hardware & gear list (updated 01 - 2019)


My current PC and Studio setup is build around the philosophy of less is more & 1 device for everything I do.  I downscaled my setup a lot over the years and tried to focus only on what I find important in my workflow and the gear I use. I also stopped using multiple computers, laptops, servers etc to decrease power use and become more sustainable. I now use only one computer in my entire house hold, which is also providing television and media functionality at the same time. Running most all of my gear (that which I use on a daily basis) almost 24/7 with my power saver circuit   only draws around 0,31 kWh on average (this is including my washing machine, and fridge, etc measured over a months period).


- Fractal Design - Define R6 black TG

- be quiet! 700 watt PSU (on average and daily use draws only 100 watt)
- MSI h370 Pro Carbon
- Intel® Core™ i7-8086K Processor - 40th Anniversary - Special Limited Edition - Coffee Lake
12M Cache, up to 5.00 GHz
- 16GB RAM @ 2666Mhz
- 120GB Samsung EVO SSD - OS & Program drive
- 1 TB Samsung EVO SSD - Sample & Working Drive
- Corsair H100iV2 closed loop water cooling
- MSI 710 GT passively cooled video card
- Wacom Bamboo tablet
- Dual display setup at 2x 1920x1080

- Separate 1920x1080  Media centre television area & audio + keyboard and mouse (Unified Remote - full version)
+- 17 TB storage + 3TB off-line backup

- Windows 10


(currently in-between interfaces)
- Dynaudio BM5A MKII studio monitors
- Sennheiser HD 595 headphones

- M-Patch 2 passive volume control & monitor switch
- Behringer XENYX1204USB mixer (my current make do interface, far from ideal, and not really suited for production)
- 2x Shure SM57 dynamic microphones + Stereo Mic Rig
- AT 3525 condenser mic
- Esi m4u XL 4x4 midi interface
- Akai GX-4000D reel to reel tape track

- 19' rack includes: 0dB calibrated dB Meter, Patchbay and Noise Gates


- Keystation Pro 88 midi controller
- Akai MPD 18 midi drum pad

Sound Modules:
- Roland MT-32
- Roland SC-55
- Roland U-110
Instruments and Other Gear:
- Blueridge semi acoustic steel string guitar
- Fender Telecaster
- Aidean Mesia Zoom 100w Valve Amp 1980 Cream
- Dod Acoustec, acoustic guitar pre-amplifier/processor
- Nylon guitar
- Blues Harp in D
- Flutes
- Small percussion
- Orla Steel Reed - Chord Organ
- Casio SK-1


Cubase 9.5 Pro