Cows aren't very common, and they're not uncommon. When damaged or hit they will run around in circles. You can breed them with wheat, lots of Youtubers like Antvenom and Huskymudkipz (The FISH) have made them their archenemy(Not Skydoesminecraft His archenemy is a squid). Cows drop 0-3 raw beef which can be cooked to get beef. They also drop 0-2 leather, which is the lowest grade of armor and can be dyed, black if you want to be a ninja!
Pigs are derpy looking passive mobs that aren't to uncommon or common, at first notch created a failed pig model that is the annoying,green creeper you see today. Pigs are breeded with carrots (wheat in the Xbox version of minecraft) and the baby pigs are pretty cute. Jason,Minecraftuniverse,Truemu whatever owns a grown up pig named:Jeffory! Pigs-when killed drop 0-3 raw porkchops, which can be cooked too.
Sheep are passive mobs that can be dyed, they drop 1 wool when killed. Sheep are breeded with wheat and can be sheared for wool, they,unlike other passive mobs, DROP NO MEAT!!! Sheep are VERY common.
The Mooshroom is a rare mob that spawns in the rare Mushroom Biome, can be sheared with shears to get mushrooms, right click with a bowl to get mushroom stew, Mooshrooms are also called "Mushroom cow" by ZexyZek. If you see a Mooshroom don't kill it, its a infinite Mushroom stew/food source!!!  

6.Snow golems

Snow golems are made of snow and look like snowmen, they will throw snowballs at hostile mobs the snowballs do no damage but at least they  do decent knock back. Snow golems leave a trail of snow behind them! And they also are made using 2 snow blocks up and 1 pumpkin at the top!


Villagers AKA Squidward are well... villagers. You can trade with these guys! They live in villages that you can either keep or raid and destroy them for wheat and minerals! If you attack these guys then you will tick off the iron golem that protects the villagers from harm. And TRUST ME a iron golem is sooo OVER POWERED!

1.the skeleton

The skeleton is a deadly enemy, it shoots arrows at you and sometimes they might have a enchanted bow. If you are unprepared and see one then my advise, is to run away VERY fast because I bet you won’t want to have arrows sticking out of you when you go home. The closer you get to them the faster they shoot, skeletons don’t have a lot of heath. Two or three hits with a iron sword would kill them. But if you are a noob, avoid these skeletons. Skeletons drop arrows and bones (which are very useful for farming).

2. the zombie

Ok, the zombie has the most heath out of all the regular mobs. But they are the slowest and are easy to defeat, rarely you might see a zombie wielding a sword or it might be in full gold armor. Zombies are the most common mob on minecraft, they will pick up the stuff you drop. Whats annoying is if you die to a horde of zombies and you were underground it might take you HOURS trying to find your stuff, then you have to kill the zombies to get your stuff back. After that you'll be VERY annoyed!


  Ahhh, the spider.  Just a regular spider. Spiders, are the only mobs that can CLIMB walls. Yes you heard me right, they can climb walls. Some of the smaller cave spiders are even POISONUS which is very annoying when mining because the poison might kill you, or it might leave you at half a heart to die of a creeper or something bad, then you might lose your stuff. So if you DO build a house then build a roof because your house may keep creepers, zombies, and others out but spiders say: “forget the walls, I’m gonna climb over the walls to kill you!” So remember, always make a roof.


The Creeper is perhaps the MOST FAMOUS and well known mob in all of Minecraft! They're known for going up to you and hiissssss BOOM!!! There goes all your health and stuff. These mobs are based off the failed model of a pig Notch made! They're also known as Creepers because its almost IMPOSSIBLE to hear them sneaking Creeping up on you until its TO LATE!