Controls and Starting

The basic Minecraft controls are w,a,s and d. To go forward  press "w" and to go backwards press "s", to go left press "a" and to go right press "d"! I know what your gonna ask next, how do you talk? You don't want to have someone think you have problems when you don't respond to them!  To talk or open the chat, press the "t" key. When you break a block by pressing down your left mouse key the block goes into your inventory hot bar, once the hot bar is filled things will go into you inventory, to see your own inventory, press "e". To place a block, right click the place you want to place it, remember, if you see circles in Minecraft it means you broke Minecraft if you do that theres nothing else to do besides PANICK!

   When you start the first thing to do is to... go and punch a tree. REALLY that's what you do, its not possible to play Minecraft without wood, to get wood go up to a tree and point at a wood block and hold down left click. Get at least 13 pieces, press "e" and do you see the 4x4 box on your upper right hand corner? put 1 piece of wood there and it will turn into 4 wooden planks, then fill the 2x2 box with wooden planks to make a crafting table which is one of da most important things in Minecraft!


Next you have to make a crafting table by taking the wooden planks and cover the 4x4 square with them, then you will get a crafting table! 

    The crafting table has 3x3 crafting space! I will not tell you more than make a roof for your house in this page, or else this won't be a starting guide, it would be a loooonnnggggg stream of letters and words avout what to do, HEY, I want you people to be creative OK? I don't want people doing EVERYTHING a mere website tells them to do, BE CREATIVE! And good luck!

PS. Don't stare at the Endermen!