This is the home of "Lebensgefahr" - a project driven by Kyla.


A project started in late 2011 which gives you music primarily inspired by melancholy and depression, but that also has a touch

of beauty and sometimes even glances of happiness thrown in.

Early in 2013 the debut album "Människa" was released.
In 2014 it was followed by two albums - 
"Konfys" and "Vinter" -
and in early 2015 by the EP "Inuti - Där Mörkret Alltid Finns".

A fourth full-length called "Nattsånger" was released at the end of 2015,
and a second EP in 2016: "Inuti - Där Dystra Tankar Vila".

All releases are very limited and this is the only place where you will be able to buy them.


The music lingers somewhere within the styles of black metal and depressive rock. Sometimes melodic, sometimes chaotic.

Sometimes raw, sometimes soothing.