Nattpessimism I

Nattpessimism II
Nattpessimism III
Nattpessimism IV 

*Only included on the physical version

In 2017, Lebensgefahr made its first vinyl-release:

a 12" record called "Nattpessimism - utgjutelse av en förgången dröm"
limited to 6 copies only, never to be re-released. 
~ Sold out ~

Consisting of 4 songs, the album includes the B-sides from the "Inuti..."- EP's called "Nattpessimism" I-III aswell as a 4th part.
Each record is delivered with a handpainted sleeve, a booklet and a Nattpessimism-patch.



Vinyls cut by OneCutVinyl.
Embroidered patch by

Printed patch by Embryo Printing.