I am always interested in hearing from students who like doing science on behavior. I have broad interests, and interacting with graduate students is one reason why. Many of my graduate students have had major influences on my research. You should consider doing graduate work with me if you really, really like ecology, evolution, and behavior, your best experience as an undergrad was collecting data, you have a burning desire to dig into some topic and understand it really well, you don't mind long hours or uncomfortable conditions if you are learning something new, and you are at your best when you are challenged. 


If these fit you, then let me know you are interested in my program. It helps a lot if you have looked into what my students and I do and you have some ideas of the questions you would like to pursue. Send me a message in which you provide your CV and explain your background and interest in my program. You can also click here for more advice. 

Prospective Students

David F. Westneat| Tel 01 859 323 9499 | Fax 859 257 1717 | david.westneat@uky.edu