Facing criminal charges can be a very scary experience as you await trial in a criminal justice center, so you need a skilled advocate who understands the law and your rights.


With a successful practice of thirty-plus years, Blake Freeman is a good choice to represent your interests.


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Drunk driving or driving while impaired by drugs are very serious offenses, carrying mandatory  jail time.  And, how much time you spend in jail depends greatly on how well your case is presented in court.


For more than 30 years, Blake Freeman has represented clients facing

these charges.  There is no substitute for experience in cases when so much is at stake.






















Many employers have a drug policy in effect that exacts significant punishment against workers convicted of drug violations.


Some test for drugs to ensure their work force is reliable and not under the influence of substances which hamper their performance. And, to most, it doesn't matter if the offense occurs on or off the job and how serious the drug use may be.


If you are charged with a drug violation, your best hope is to be sure you are well represented in court by an experienced legal advocate.





















Second amendment rights notwithstanding, if you are arrested on a weapons violation, you could be in deep, murky water.


Hefty fines and possible jail time could be in your future.  You just can't afford to take chances.


For some employers sensitive to even misdemeanor charges, you  potentially could lose your job.   For others, it might disqualify you for a promotion you have worked hard to earn.




















Many occasions arise that require legal work that does not involve criminal charges.


Although not the primary focus of his practice clients on real estate deeds, wills and probate matters --  as well as other civil matters. Contracts, deeds and conveyances are important documents that must be structured correctly to have full force and effect, and Blake is skilled in  those areas.





















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