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Blake Freeman is an attorney at law who loves defending good people who get caught up in the criminal law system.


Our system of justice requires that every defendant is considered innocent of charges until those charges are proved in court.


After more than three decades of practice, Blake has helped people by getting to the truth of situations that resulted in their arrest.  He carefully looks at all facts in each case and determines the best approach to defend against those charges.


"While I greatly respect the law and those who enforce it," he says, "often mistakes are made that enable the defense to disprove the charges or lessen them by explaining mitigating circumstances.  My job is to provide each client the best possible defense at trial."


Blake has sat as a special judge scores of times in Nashville courtrooms and knows the law, and nothing beats experience in the courtroom.


Educational Experience












Circuit Court: 80 cases

Circuit Judicial Committals - 837 cases

Criminal Court - 1,196 court appearances

Civil General Sessions - 312 cases


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MTSU: BS in Political Science and Psychology

Nashville School of Law: Doctor of Jurisprudence


323 Emery Dr, Nashville, TN 37214

(615) 391-3480

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