Steðji Kanzlarinn Octoberfestbier 2017

Our german brewmaster Philipp Ewers, found a 400years old recipe of an traditional "Märchen". Märchen beers is the old traditional octoberfest beers in Munchen. In those days it was brewed in marz and fermented over the summer time. Than in the autumn when celebrating the harvest, the "märchen" was served. Philipp upgrated the recipe for our equipment and with our pure water this beer is perfect for the season, and you can drink alot of it.


Steðji Október bjór 2015

Our Oktoberbeer is brewed with special "Red X" barley. This barley is very malted and gives the beer red tone. It´s brewed in style of german "oktobierfest" beer and is in bock style. We also add Austrian Styrian pumpkin seeds in it. The seeds are very tastful and give the beer very special tone. So this is the perfect Pumpkin beer with alc of 6.0%







Brugghús Steðja


All beers from Steðji is natural product and without any added sugar.


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