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We have opened a special tasting room at our brewery, for people to experience our innovative beers and see for themselves how such a unique product is made

Opening hours are between 13.00-17.00 every day, Monday - Saturday, closed Sunday. 

We charge 1500 ISK. for each tasting.  


We also offer a special guided tours at our micro-brewery.

Price may vary depending on the size of the group but we cater for any group small or large.  

For further information and appointments please send an e-mail to: or call +354-8965001.

Direction: From Reykjavik, head north on route 1 towards Borgarnes for about 70km. Before crossing the bridge to Borgarnes, turn right onto route 50 towards Reykholt. Follow route 50 for about 20kms until you pass a sign for 515, then keep an eye open for a big beer bottle on the right, marking the entrance to the Stedji Brewery. The Brewery is just up the short driveway towards the farm house. 64°36'48.9"N 21°29'25.1"W

So if you´re are on your way road no 1 or to Snæfellsnes, we are very close by. 


Many interesting places are around us for examples: 

Krauma natural spa/restaurant located at the Europe’s most powerful hot spring Deildartunguhver -

Fossatún Trollcenter, restaurant and sleeping pots, beautiful place, service and hiking -

Kleppjárnsreykir has swimming pool - hot spring

Hverinn Kleppjárnsreykir is restaurant next to the road, it´s also camping area -

Sturlu-Reykir, if you like horses, they offer you to visit the icelandic horse which very big in icelandic history -

Háafell - the icelandic Goat. If you like animals, you must visit -

Reykholt is Iceland most historical place, where all the Sagas were written - has Hotel and beautiful church next to a famous hot spring 

Hraunfossar are beautiful waterfalls that flows from under the lawa. A MUST SEE. There is also a restaurant next it.

Brúarás Geocenter a restaurant close by -

Húsafell - one of the biggest camping area in Iceland, Swimming pool, restaurant, hiking, golf and great surrounding -

Víðgelmir is very beautiful natural cave, very well preserved, and great service -

Hraunsnef a hotel/restaurant next to road no1. They love animal and you´re surrounded there. great place -













Brugghús Steðja


All beers from Steðji is natural product and without any added sugar.


Tel 00354-8965001