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2014 Hvalur Þorrabjór Steðji is one of the most controversial beer in the world. It´s brewed with milled whale bones. This brew was specially made for the age old icelandic midwinter festival called "Þorri" were icelandic people celebrate the Thundergod Thor and eat traditional  icelandic food, for example: fermented shark, pickled ram´s testicles, pickled whale fat, dried fish with salted butter,  etc...  SOLD OUT


2015 - 2019 Hvalur 2 Þorraöl Steðji are even more controversial , again it was an ale purposely brewed for the season of Þorri, the Icelandic midwinter festival but instead of using milled whale bones we took it a step further and used sheep dung-smoked whale testicles from a Fin-whale mixed with pure Icelandic water, malted barley and hops.

This method of smoking various meets and fish has been done in Iceland for centuries but never with an ingredient such as a whale testicle so it was a challenge and that is what our brewery is all about, innovation, imagination, creativity and sometimes like all work of art, a little bit of controversy.

The label is designed by awarded icelandic designer, that uses the shape of whale and in background there is a poem from Hávamálum (nordic paganism) where Odinn reads his first words.


2018 SúrHvalur 3 Kambucha þorraöl. 

This year we have two whale beers. This one is brewed with whale testicle that has been cured with Kambucha. So in addition of power from the whale testicle, wellness of the icelandic water, it also is good for your digestive. The beer style is close to a lambic but it isn´t, so we call it "icelandic lambic". It has a nice soure tast from the kambucha and a good filling. The process is long and complicated to make the beer as good as it is. So we guarantee this beer is something you´ve never tasted before. Alc. 5,2%










Brugghús Steðja


All beers from Steðji is natural product and without any added sugar.

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