Belgur Tripel

We´ve made a special beer for this occasion “beer for 30 years in Iceland” but 1 of march 1989 the beer was made legal in Iceland. Before we were not allowed to drink it!
Our brewmaster from Dusseldorf, Philipp Ewers, came with a new recipe for a Belgium Tripel. So we do it with our style, with our known pure water and also we brew it with Rye. 
This beer is 9,2% in Alc and is very dangerous, smooth and great tast. One bottle will knock you out.
Before beer was allowed here in Iceland, icelandic people drank alot of high alcohol spirits, got drunk very fast. So this beer goes a bit in that direction, a recall to a history, except this is a beer!
We brewed it last summer so it has been in process for 8 months, we wanted to make it very special, as it is.






Brugghús Steðja


All beers from Steðji is natural product and without any added sugar.


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