Todd has been building a repreatable name in music education across London since Graduating from The Academy Of Contemporary Music in 2011.
Organisations such as Hackney Music Development trust, Newham Council music service, Hillingdon council music service, Granville plus Youth Centre, One Spirit and Hipology all employ Todd for his unique Teaching ability, egagement with students and teaching philosophy.

" I beleive arts and music education to be imperative to students of all ages and capabilities development in life. It is the tasks and subjects involved in arts education which can engage and give essential life skills which can be transfered to any disceplin. I will always try to understand my students struggles and learning desires and work my hardest to use drumming to offer alternative ways to improve not only as a musician but across the board as well. As I learn and develop my teaching techniques I will aim to set up my own workshops under the name 'Ears To Learn With'."


As a Teacher Todd has vast expereince in numerous fields:

- Group teaching of up to 40 children aged between 5 and 18


- one to one tution as a private and perepetetic tutor

- Guildhall and Trinity Grade teaching up to Grade 8

- Teaching of Adults and children with severe learning/mobility interaction difficulties

-Prison Reform on the inside and outside for young offenders


'One Spirit Project'
"Using a framework of music and creative arts activities, including drama, song-writing,
music business (management/finance), One Spirit delivers an alternative curriculum, which enhances personal well-being and teaches/develops a range of skills from accredited key skills such as literacy (creative writing, CV writing), numeracy (finance) to self-exploratory: confidence, communication, teamwork and social interaction, self-analysis, problem solving, presentation, 
life-planning and entrepreneurial skills in preparation for the workplace."

"Ears To Learn With In The Studio" (with Speakman Sound ltd.)
Combining engaging practicle tasks with in depth theory Speakman Sound and Ears To Learn With, have come up with a fantastic introduction to using Logic and producing music. The booklet along with the delivery of the course is full of integrity and a truthful desire to engage and encourage young people to be creative when making music and not just to strive for fame. 


Todd Speakman