Why A UX/UI Designer Is A Business Must-Have?


It's a given that a UX/UI designer has to be creative. But there are also other important factors that a designer contributes to the brand. Read on to find out.


Being on top of the competition is a must-be-done principle that every business organization should abide by. That is why you have to make sure that your business is highly competitive. Gaining competitive advantage requires a brilliant implementation of effective strategies. The main point is you need to craft a way to penetrate and lure the target audiences. One of the effective ways considered by most marketers as very important is to hire a UX/UI designer


The question now is: Why shouldn’t you hire a UX UI designer? This type of web designer is essential in marketing conversion. The main point why you need one is you have to meet the needs and demands of the target customers. They have such unique needs and demands. Intertwining a process where you can please the majority of your leads is vital. So, there are steps you need to understand why a UX/UI designer is recommended.


The first step to getting customers is to first attract them to what you can offer. But how do they know what you have to offer? The answer is online presence. Let’s be clearer about this. If you have a store, unless you are a large company with multiple stores nationwide, you are most likely only known in the vicinity. Most of your customers are the people in the community who have passed by your store, were attracted to it, went inside, were attracted to the display and purchased some items.


But if you have a store, it’s just common that you want to expand in the future. The first thing you need to do is attract people to what you have and eventually make them your customers.


The main role of a UX/UI designer


Now how do you attract customers that don’t physically pass by the store? Take the campaign online. This is where social media and SEO take important roles in attracting people to the company. But it doesn’t end there. SEO and social media are great at making noise. But the goal is always to lead the noise to your website. Now that’s where the UX/UI designer comes in.


People may be led to the website through social media, SEO or word of mouth. But people need to be attracted to the site before they can try to navigate it. That’s where the designer’s expertise in user interface is needed. User interface is where people interact with the computer. It has to be a beautiful space to interact in. Not only that, it should be easy to understand. There will be no interaction if the user is confused about what they see on the site.


With interaction, you also want it to be easy-breezy. That is then the role of the user experience design. It’s called user experience because it’s really about the person’s experience in navigating the site. If it was comfortable for them and easy to do, not to mention really responsive, then you know you have a good site in your hands.


But why is the designer really important?


A good UX/UI designer creates an interface that is user-friendly, while also making sure that everything else is highly functional. A web developer alone wouldn’t have that kind of thought. Let’s have a concrete example for this. It’s like building a house. A carpenter can build a house, but it wouldn’t be what you want. You would need an architect to design the house you want for the carpenter to build. It’s the same with the website, you want the UX/UI designer to create a design that will fit your needs.


Needed translation to make things happen


This type of designer is very important because one of its primary roles—and there are many of them—is to translate your business’s identity into the website. Therefore, you want your designer to be understanding and perceptive. You want them to truly understand what you are doing. They should understand the goals of the business so that it will truly be reflected on the site or whatever digital product there is.


The website or other digital products related to the business should reflect the identity of the business. This means that going online would be just like going to the physical store. From the colors to the products and services displayed. The use of colors is part of the user interface design. It should be used the right way and not as a distraction.


Now, the information will be coming from you, of course! The designer should be able to translate that well in the design. It’s not just a matter of translating coding languages. There is also the ability to translate the business ideologies to the website and other digital products.


What are the other digital products?


The first thing that a business needs to boost online presence is social media. The website should follow immediately. In fact, if it’s possible to do both, then you should do both. The reason I say that social media comes first is because it is free. You can open a social media account for your business. This is where you can make announcements about sales and new products. But there is only so much you can put on Facebook. Plus, some information can get buried with new information.


That’s why you need a website. Not just an ordinary website, but a truly good website that can spur market conversion. That’s also why you need a UX/UI designer. Now that you have a website and business is really good, then it’s time to have a website application. This is where customers can purchase your product or service. This way, users can buy your product wherever they are in the world. It’s just so convenient.


The web app became very important during the pandemic. Those that had the foresight to have a web app were able to continue their business even during the pandemic. For essential services, they were able to continue serving even when businesses were ordered closed. Those that are not selling essentials were still able to continue their services when the economy was opened.


Many businesses didn’t survive during the pandemic because even when the businesses were already allowed to open, there were strict guidelines to follow. Then, there are also a lot of people who didn’t want to go out for fear of contracting the virus. So, small businesses really suffered and a lot had to throw in the towel.


That’s why you need a UX/UI designer who is versatile. They should be able to do more than just create a great website. They should also be able to design web apps. It would be nice if you can just have one designer to do the website, web app, and eventually, the mobile app. This would mean consistency.


It’s very convenient on your part because you don’t have to explain the business to the designer anymore. They can do the web app or mobile app with ease because they already have an idea what to do. It’s like an easy transition. This way, the users will feel the cohesion when they access the web app. Then of course, when business is really good, it’s time to have a mobile app.



Business success is difficult to achieve unless you have a proven and tested formula. Hiring one of the best UX designers today is one of the most effective ways to engage people to love and appreciate your biz site or mobile app. Even for the physical products, you need a UX designer to craft a user-centric design. In short, your success lies in this aspect.