The purpose of this project was the come up with a concept and complete a collection based on the concepts we come up with. And after brainstorming for weeks the concept that I ended up with is to create a collection from already existing garments that aren’t appreciated by various people and transforming them to gowns because I believe that one can never get enough of fashion and to show people that one simple t-shirt can in fact be transformed into more than one look. Why gowns in particular? Because my inspiration was little words that was said by the rapper, Tupac Shakur in an interview that inspired me a whole lot. (video below) He talks about a rose that grew from a concrete, how it grew from nothing and became something beautiful. If you try to plant something in the concrete and a rose grows from it you will not criticize the rose’s flaws, instead you would admire the fact that a rose was able to grow out of something that is impossible to grow from. Tupac uses this example to point out that the rose represents him or others in the ghetto like himself and the fact that he came out of the concrete (the ghetto) and appreciate the fact he was able to survive in the ghetto and eventually change the world from having nothing at all and that is what you should see the beauty instead. And that’s where I come in, creating unwanted garments and transforming them into gowns. And hopefully "admire the fact that a rose was able to grow out of something that is impossible to grow from". And then I added capes because I believe capes represent power and beauty. 

















(Current project)