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One of the reasons for gaining excess weight is the lack of vitamins of group B. Without them, fat reserves in anabolism and catabolism of organic substances will be deposited, not broken down. Additional use of elements contributes to weight loss.
The role of b vitamins in weight loss

B vitamins maintain hormonal balance, give energy, participate in the synthesis of DNA and RNA, relieve the symptoms of many diseases. Deficiency of elements causes slowing down of metabolism. A symptom of a lack of b vitamins is a set of excess weight. The best for weight loss are considered:

The Vitamin B12. Gives energy, accelerates metabolism and weight loss. Helps fats and carbohydrates to be properly absorbed.
Vitamin B1. Normalizes metabolism, promotes weight loss.
B5. Transforms excess fat into energy.
B6. Regulates the production of hormones by the thyroid gland, accelerates metabolism.

B vitamins for weight loss can not be used if you are allergic to them. Relative contraindication:

high blood pressure;
nutritional deficiency;
heart disease;
coagulation disorders;
skin disease;



B vitamins for weight loss:

effective complexes and products

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