dark times are coming... it has been predicted... here i will explain the defrag Apocalypse\armageddon!!!!!!!!!

A long time ago, DeFRaG used to be a peaceful place of peace and a sanctuary of Holy Smokes. The time before the ''Great Warning'' and the SECOND ''Great Warning'' executed by the Two Supreme Legends that have visited DeFRaG so far... Let me tell you about these ''Warnings'' and about the reason behind them, first.



A dark menace, worse than anything you could ever imagined, started threatening the DeFRaG in a way that many cannot comprehend. A rotting, foul alliance of two dark lords who, together, form the Trinity Of Doom (will be referred to as TOD in the following). The TOD consists of two individuals, and I will tell you their stories: The first one, was Source, a former guardian of the heavenly gates. One day, he dared question an order by the Lord himself and found himself demoted from his position. This caused anger in him, a VERY BIG AND IMPORTANT FURY. which is now the #1 reason for his malvolent plans and conspiracies he makes with his companion. Source was sent to Earth and resides somewhere in the Dark Lands, with his companion. The second one, was Kane, an earth boy, who, blessed by the angelic powers of Source, became more powerful even than Source himself, overtaking Source in Power and FURY. Since he had been rejected ever since, his life had truly been miserable.

Now these two joined and together created POWER and ANGER more powerful than anything we've ever seen!!!! This must be talked about, as I am the GREAT MESSIAH OF THE THIRD "GREAT WARNING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will tell you more about the first two "Great Warnings" Now.


The first "Great Warning" was executed by a young fella from Nazi Germany ( I have respect for that country , the holocaust was indeed a lie ) who was called W3SP. W3SP instantly recognized the dangers of the FarshMaker and the TOD, and therefore founded the holy alliance of 2337. This alliance, is indeed, as you might have guessed by now, a secret code which I can unlock and explain, but not now: first I must eXplain the meaning of this alliance. The alliance was only for those who understood the message to team up and plan on a way to gain attention and warn the masses about the Dangers WHO ARE SO THREATENING AND OBVIOUS and they still didn't see them!!!! They seek salvation.


2 + 3 + 3 + 7 = 2 + 13 ; 2 + 1 + 3 = 6 | The first code number is 6.

2337 is to be divided by TWO (2) since its first number is TWO(2):

23 & 37 ; 23 - 6 = 17 ; 37 - 6 = 31 ; 17 + 31 = 48 | The second code number is 48.

23 + 48 = 71 ; 37 + 48 = 85 ; 85 - 71 =  14


6 , 48 , 14 six forty-eight fourteen Seek Forty-Eight Fourteen (year olds).


The meaning of these numbers 6, 48, 14 =  SEEK FORTY-EIGHT FOURTEEN YEAR OLDS = You must search 48 14-year old kids (50% male 50% female). It can be seen as a command: Gather 48 14-year olds and FLEE. The core message, despite not being included directly, is certainly implied: FLEE!!! RUN!!! The message says that you must run and get 24 boys and 24 girls and flee from earth, to save the human race from extincion and have the Kids procreate and Breed and having a large enough genepool (48 was probably the ideal number calculated by W3SP) and save the race. THIS WAS THE FIRST WARNING BUT WHY DID IT FAIL???!!! BECAUSE IT WAS NOT OBVIOUS ENOUGH. W3SP ONLY WARNED 3 PEOPLE WHO LEFT THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH AS SOON AS THEY SAW THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He himself is long gone, No information about him was heard ever since.