My name's Niels. I'm a Dutch developer and designer.
I'm interested in games and eager to learn more about developing them. Games from others, anime, songs from The Gray Havens and nature inspire me to create unique games and new concepts.
I started designing all kinds of things I saw in video games, like things from Pokémon(yeah I was like ten years old...).
Later on, when I was about 13 years old, I started to draw and design cars, most of them were sports cars though. My dad's side of the family is crazy about Renault and so am I, so I based my design mostly of Renault cars. My teacher always sais that I would do something with cars in the future, but that's about to change.
Since 2013-2014 I am developing and learning the skills of making games. I learned the basics by watching all kinds of tutorials on the internet and still doing sometimes. I want to become more skilled with developing games and mostly want to publish games free of charge. Because I think people who don't have much money also deserve a change to play fun games on low costs.

In the future consoles and handhelds will be the target platforms, but I also want to bring fun little games to PC, MAC and Linux.




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Email: nielsvrdevelop@gmail.com

Twitter: @SpectrumCRTS