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From our tiny workshop on the Sunshine Coast, our first product is the Touchwood Pendant - 100% Australian made, individually carved from ethically sourced Australian hardwood, and offered in a beautiful presentation package.


This is just a very small beginning for us. In time, and once we are able to keep up with initial demand, other products will surely follow - including earrings, cufflinks, and brooches etc. So watch this space!







With every piece of timber being so unique, and because the styles we carve are always evolving and changing, this means no two pendants are ever the same. However, several main style sets have taken shape, already forming three quite distinct ranges -



















This range captures iconic Aussie motifs in a way that lifts them out of their typical prosaic context, and seeks to elevate them to another level again. It's not easy making art out of kangaroos and boomerangs! But with repetition and symmetry forming a kind of fabric pattern, and with the application on a curved form, the result is intended to be a seamless and refined gift, speaking of Australia through and through. 




















Named for the person who first discovered and recorded the phenomenon, a Lichtenburg Figure is the product of electrical current at very high voltage, as it passes through a conductive substrate.


In order to produce each original carving, we wet the surface with an electrolyte and then apply the current very carefully, with the result every time being a completely unique and fractal like formation.


From these designs came the name of our brand - Lightning Tree. 


It is possible to do this entirely safely, but it does require significant care and preparation, and a great deal of practice. 


Kids - Do not try this at home!






















Applying the visionary work of our resident artist - Tommy Simons - brings us our feature range: Turtle Vision.


The endless organic flow, and a natural connection to the Earth, infuses this range with the feel of a found object, and a timeless dreamlike continuity. This range will develop continually as new designs become available over time.


To purchase copies of the prints from which these designs have been taken - please click here.







Our artists are free to put just about any image they like on a pendant, except for promotional material or logos etc. And while we can't promise that any particular idea will ever make it into production, if you have an idea for a style you would like to see emerge, you can always make a suggestion. Just send a small black and white image here, and if your idea makes it into our range, you will receive a free pendant.






To contact us about stocking Touchwood Pendants in your retail store, or if you are interested in becoming a market stall operator, email us here. Or click on the 'wholesale' link below and tell us your story.