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                          welcome to DEDOGMODZ.TK

this site has mods for Gta 5 , Gta 4 ,Gta vc , Midtown madness 1 & 2   , mods by dedog.    this site also has games  the available games we have so  far is


Midtown madness 1


Midtown madness 2


Monster tuck madness 2


Crazy taxi


Crazy taxi 2 - Dreamcast emulator 


Crazy taxi 3


Gta 3


Gta vice city


Gta 5 (offline only)


Offroad road derby racing (requested)


R.B.I baseball


Smashing drive (on hold)


18 wheeler (coming soon/delayed)



We also have special events & giveaways from time to time 

sign up is available when events are going on sign up to get access to sweepstakes visit the event page to sign up 


If a game is not working let me know the problem so i can fix it


to get hold of me email me at /  put subject as help!-dedogmodz





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