The Complete path

Journey of Spiritual Ascension

For advanced occult training through direct experience you will benefit from exploring group work. This can be online if necessary, but ideally there will be some real world, in person group practice.


This group can consist of you and a handful of your like-minded friends and/or family. It doesn't even need to have a name if you don't want. These intimate groups are sometimes the most productive and enlightening.


It can also be valuable to experience a well run lodge of an established group. This is sometimes difficult for those on the Complete Path as several of the more mainstream groups are explicitly Right Hand Path and not as open to the idea of personal Ascension. It can still be a valuable as training in the Lodge style of working, which is utilized heavily in ceremonial magick.


Ritual is not the "be all, end all" of occult practice but it can be a powerful way to structure a specific occult working.


An Esoteric Order that has been developed with The Complete Path in mind is the Ziggurat of Enki. It is described as being part of the New Luciferian Era and is based on Sumerian Mythology and the building of a stepped pyramid as an analogy for spiritual Ascension.


At this point the best source of information on the Ziggurat of Enki is the book Initiation into the Left Hand Path by Jeremy Crow. It can be purchased at his website:


Apotheosis: A Journey on the Left Hand Path

If you are unable or simply not inclined to do group workings in person, you might want to consider the Herald of the Dawn. This group is a mostly online Esoteric Order which has also embraced the New Luciferian Era.


To become a member of this organization you will be required to commit a certain about of regular effort to occult work. If you are not active you will be removed, so do not approach this organization if you are not serious.


The founder of the HoD is Etu Malku, a Magus in the Ordo Luciferi. Much of the work done in the HoD will help you develop the skills necessary to advance in the Ordo Luciferi. All of the systems recommended for the Complete Path are complimentary and compatible.


Herald of the Dawn