Negative Feedback



The simple game of give and take!

Example Cards





Negative Feedback is a game about running out of cards in your hand. But, the catch is that you do this by taking cards from other players!


Players engage in exciting hand exchanging, card stealing, and psychological trickery!


Each card comes with a nifty pun!


Game Play



Players: 2 - 6

Play Time : 5 - 15 minutes

Ages : 12 - Adult

Contents : 52 card deck


Players hold hands of cards that each have actions written on them.

Players take turns playing a card form their hand and then performing the cards action such as stealing 2 cards from another player, or having everyone rotate their hands.

The first player to have no cards left in their hand wins the game!


 I love how the game is always changing, it's not quite predictable, very fun, very engaging, very interesting. ~ Bruce



  This is a great intergenerational game to play with friends and family. Particularly great game  on scouting trips and as a fun ice breaker at a social activity or family reunion.  I love the witty sayings! 

~ Mary.