Mazda 3 Upgrade with Hella5 Projector Headlight

Eason normally drives his Mazda 3 on the city and the countryside roadway. Yet when in evening driving, he can not see the front roadway plainly with the dark original halogen front lights in the countryside while the opposite automobile usage with HID front lights. As soon as a time, he fall into a pit nearly due to the bad lights. For that reason, he requires strong penetration lighting to guarantee safe driving.

The replacement package that he retrofits with Hella5 projector, Aozoom ballast and HeartRay D2S HID light bulb. We help him make out the adjustment with that hid projector headlight aftermarket package.

Open up the auto and also yank off the housing. Heat in the oven to open the cover. After opening up the housing, it must clean up the chilly glue in the network. So that it can be sealed closely when placing.
Drill the hold of the reflector to fit the new Hella 5 projector.


Mount the Hella projector and also the HID light bulb. Next off, enhance the red demon eye in the projector and also do a light test to adjust the light beam pattern. When all things are ended up, secure the housing with cold adhesive. The last action is to mount the ballast in the vehicle.
Light the front lights up, the last seek Mazda front lights. Red demon eye with intense white high beam of light as well as low beam.

With this brand-new upgrade, Eason can drive it for a long distance with large beam pattern despite on city roadway and countryside roadway. Ahead of time construct the roadway condition to prevent risk.