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The Studio



The Studio is where I plan, conceptualize, research and develop personalized ideas for my clients. 


In order to stay in touch with those clients, I am available to be where required: at the project site, on the other side of the computer, and on the phone as well.


My main tools to get involved in the projects are my own experience and knowledge, thinking mind, creativity, dedication and eagerness of overcoming. I am perfectionist, so nothing comes out of the Studio that I am not proud to have my name on.




Marta Castrillón






Urban Architect




+45 60 46 96 27




Madrid, 1976

Base city today: Gentofte, Dk


Spanish, English, Italian, Danish




Creativity - Idea - Image

Practicity - Organizer

Enrich project main lines

Concept developer



Growing idea consulter

Architectural Competitions

Drawing support

Guided tours for architects

Web designer




Trained professionally in drafting projects and request for proposals. Accustomed to teamwork, possess a solid academic background that facilitates the understanding of projects and work systems, and experienced in using this understanding as a starting point for development and synthesis of projects. 

Finding the ESSENCE: Starting of projects with a strong idea which stays there during the development process.







"She is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches in our common projects. She is a respected and appreciated teammember both for her hardworking spirit as for her human warmth" Manuel López Dulanto, Gestalt arquitectura General Director





The Team

Paula Vicente Peccis





Higher Technician in Building and Civil Construction



+34 687 73 93 82




Huesca, 1980

Base city today: Zaragoza, Sp


Spanish, English, Català




Paula has a degree as a Higher Technician in Building and Civil Construction, and also works with 3D drawings.



Besides that, she is also a Higher Technician Laboratory Analysis and a fashion lover.



She has a solid background that makes her a resolute person which gives physical form to the proposals. She is skilled with architectural and installation drawings, which is the field she acquired most of her experience in, and her working abilities ensure a successful outcome of the project drawings.



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+45 60 46 96 27




Bispevangen 156

DK-2750 Ballerup



Bispevangen 156

DK-2750 Ballerup



+45 60 46 96 27