About us

It all started with a dream, a vision, and a future of 9 freestyle dancers who want and will change the dance industry.
"We are freestyle dancers from around the U.S and the world that will be known"
we have our own creative styles (techniques) of hip-hop dancing within popping/waving, tutting, illusion, break dancing, bone breaking, animation and jerking.
We are different and creative.
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Deven L. Glover aka Realism (Representing Kansas & Boston)
Stephfan Parks aka Young Prince (Representing Caribbeans & Kansas)
Tremaiine Robinson aka Tre (Representing Arizona & Kansas)
DeAndre Lewis aka Chedd'r (Representing Boston & Atlanta)
Blaze Yentruoc goes by Blaze the AK (Representing New York)
Abdoulie Ndure aka Bones (Representing Africa)
Jalen Fobbs aka KiddJayy (Representing Michigan)
Sean Wells Jr. aka Hyp3 (Representing Chicago & Michigan)
and Iman Terrell aka Ibotic (Representing Kansas)
"A known hip-hop dance crew working to become professional, change the dance industry, teach the world what freestyle dancing really is, and inspire/motivate all kids with dreams using positive influence, and prove dreams do come true even if you come from nothing".

Email us or call us for/about party's, battles, performances, openings, celebrations, and sponsors.