Join, Fight, and win the WAR!  The "Iron Front" Campaign is free to join for any WW1 Source player wishing to take up arms alongside their fellow WW1 Source teammates and storm across Europe in this epic team based remake of the "War to End All Wars" global scenario.  It is a MUST for any avid WW1 Source player!


  • Open to ANY player in WW1 Source
  • Battles occur every Sunday @ 3:00 PM EST



  • Click "Join" under the main image at the top of the screen
  • Fill out the form on the next page
  • Choose the Nation you wish to fight for



  • Admins will add you to your Factions Roster
  • Admins will invite you to the Iron Front's Steam Group for your side
  • Come play on Sunday if you can make it




  • Server locks for the event and only allows Iron Front players to join/play
  • Join your side in game
  • Match begins as a Realism, City Defense, Conquest or Assassination Mode
  • Match times capped at 1 Hour and 30 Minutes.  
  • All players in all Nations play in the Battles
  • You may lead your side in Battle if it is your nation represented in the battle
  • You may not lead your side if it is not your nation, unless no others volunteer
  • Leaders are decided in game from 3:00 - 3:10 PM
  • League Admins will balance teams if needed



  • The side who was the victor on Sunday takes 1 territory on the Campaign Map
  • Campaign starts out as all Rifles
  • Extra Classes (Machine Gunner, Officer, etc) increase as a Nation is Destroyed
  • League Admins will post the next match info by every Monday
  • Match Info Details: Nation Fighting 



  • Allows side who lost Nation x1 special weapon class for remainder of Campaign
  • Players in Destroyed Nation may still fight, but may no longer lead in matches
















When you go home, tell them of us and say

"For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today"


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Then click this link again to fill the form out.  Remember to log in after you register your forum account:


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