Natascha Gundacker & Joachim Berger


Puppet theatre, objects, mime (physical theatre) and live music for children and adults.


The productions on this site are conceived for international touring.


Gundacker & Berger combine puppetry, the play with objects, mime (physical theatre) and live music. Since 2001 they write, compose and direct all their productions for children and adults.


2004 “Peggy The Laundry Child” was “Children´s Theatre Of The Month” in Schleswig-Holstein/Germany.

2004 Gundacker won the jury-prize “Best Actress, Best Expression” at the Int. Festival For Alternative Theatres “Tempus Art” in Slowakia.

2008 Gundacker & Berger were honoured in the roles of “Agathe Notnagl & Mr. Neighbour” with “Duchess And Duke” Die Krönung Casinotheater Winterthur and “Court-Jester” Die Krönung Casinotheater Burgdorf/Switzerland.

In 2009 “Peggy The Laundry Child” was invited to the 3rd Int. Skipton Puppet Festival/GB.

2012 “A Story In White” was invited as one of the 12 best european puppet theatre productions to the Int. Puppet Festival “12 out of 12” at the “European Culture Capital 2012” in Lutkovno Gledalisce Maribor/SLO.

2015: "A Story In White" 9th International Puppet Days Izmir/Turkey and Austrian Kulturforum, ALEV-School in Istanbul/Turkey

2017 "Wind" Int. Puppet Festival "Summer Puppet Pier 2017" Maribor/SLO

2018 "Ein Baum geht durch den Wald" Elbphilharmonie Hamburg/D


Performances in Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Slowakia, Hungary, Turkey and Canada.



Our Philosophy


Gundacker & Berger are the authors of their productions, they also achive the construction of the puppets, visual concept, scenery, musical composition, photography, short film (movies), dramaturgy and direction. This kind of general approach leads to their very individual style.

Unconditionally and absolutely Gundacker & Berger strive for creating the possibility for individual, emotional, intellectual and free interpretation for the audience.

Topics of their profound and intelligent plays are existential contents like individuality, respect and humanism combined with humour and social criticism. Thir whole work reflects the vision of a “more-human” world, a society that offers more time and respect to its people.



Productions For Children (And Adults)


Peggy The Laundry Child


A play with one puppet, one actress, one musician,

one ironing board and much laundry

for people from 3 to 103 years

in English language


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A Story In White


A sonorous puppet play without words in the rhythm of time

for people from 4 to 104 years

language: sound of voice, but without words


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A windy wing-flapping play of motion and "de-acceleration"

for people from 4 to 104 years


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ProductionS For Adults (And Children)


Agathe Notnagl Friendly Supported By Her Mr. Neighbour


The tiny lady with the purple hat will guide you through the evening with great (un-)seriousness, friendly supported by her Mr. Neighbour...

in English language


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You want to watch our shortfilms, please click “Kurzfilme & CDs”




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Foto Joachim Berger

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