Yolanda Anderson was featured in the popular hair blog NaturallyCurly.Com as a scientific consultant in "Hair Chemistry". Sabrina Perkins, blog creator and hair care officianado, consulted with Anderson who shared her expertise by explaining the process of protein hydrolysis in regards to natural hair care.  


"The best way (to get proteins in the hair) is through a proper diet but you can supplement through hair products, especially if your diet is not up to snuff. Yolanda Anderson, M.Ed. (Chemistry) explains that proteins like keratin and collagen are extremely large and need to be broken down so they can be adsorbed to the hair. That process is called hydrolysis and cannot be done by you or me but in a lab."


"Hydrolysis is a type of chemical reaction where one reactant will create at least two (or more) products and according to Ms. Anderson is a decomposition reaction. Water is used because hydrolysis literally means reaction with water. A larger molecule is cleaved into two or more parts by the addition of a molecule of water. Hydrolysis allows the hair to benefit from proteins by breaking them down so they can be adsorbed and aid the hair."






Yolanda R Anderson-Jackson State University

Publications: 2| Citations: 7
Fields: Manufacturing Technology, Nanotechnology 
Collaborated with 17 co-authors from 2008 to 2011 | Cited by 20 authors



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Yolanda R Anderson 
Publications: 2 | Citations: 7
Collaborated with 17 co-authors from 2008 to 2011 | Cited by 20 authors



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