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Enameled Wire is a main variety of the winding wire, composed by conductor and insulating layer. After the bare wires are annealed soften,

then through many times paint, and bake to the finished product. Enameled wire is a main material for the electrical machine,electrical appliance,household applicance,ect.

The different enameled wires have dfferent qualities and characteristics, but all possess mechanical property, chemical property ,electrical property, febricity.

Xinyu-enameledwire is a professional enameled wire supplier, this article show you the application and advantage of Xinyu enameled copper clad aluminum wire ( ecca wire)

Xinyu ECCA Wire Application

1.Special magnet wire applied in voice coils, CD-ROM coils;
2.Light magnet wire for mobiles and watches;
3.Magnet wire for high frequency transformers;
4.Magnet wire for deflexion coils of display;
5.Magnet wire for degaussing coils of display;
6.Other magnet wire



Xinyu Enameled Wire