Almáttugur - Frelsarinn

We have two types of christmas beers:

Blessaður (the blessed), is a red ale brewed with ginger. The ginger gives the beer very special character, the ginger shines through the beer and gives it a nice bitterness in the aftertast.  5,5% Alc. 

Almáttugur (Almighty), this one is very malty... We use special malt in it and also we add alot of licurice.(Licurice is the icelandairs most favorite candy). It´s 5,7% alc. We use ale east and it is kind of a porter style.      This one was sold out last christmas

Blessaður translates as the Blessed

Almáttugur translates as Almighty


Marry Christmas from Steðji






Brugghús Steðja


All beers from Steðji is natural product and without any added sugar.


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