Steðji Dökkur bjór

Steðji Dark beer is brewed after the German Reinheitsgeboten method.

Its a lightly dark, perfectly malted, smooth drinking, well balanced beer.

Its style is the same as the German "Alt bier" but of course with the added freshness and purity of the Icelandic water. Alc. 5.1% Brewed by a master Alt bier brewer with more than 10 years experience brewing Alt bier in Germany.


Dökkur translates to  Dark - Dunkel

Bjór translates to Beer - Bier








Skál !

Drink up, here in Iceland we raise our glasses and say "Skál"







Brugghús Steðja


All beers from Steðji is natural product and without any added sugar.


Tel 00354-8965001